Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Links, Labels and Things I Haven't Figured Out, Yet.

When I started this blog, I noticed that my profile page has these sections where I can post my favorite movies, music, etc. Naturally, I want to tell you something about the things I like. So I post my interests and click "Save Profile", however, it all gets saved as a series of hyperlinks. That makes sense to me. You or I click on one of my interests or favorites, say "Roller Coasters." Instantly, we'd bring up a page with links to other bloggers with similar interests. I clicked on each of them and did not find one other blogger who likes anything I do. Perhaps it's a small world only when you are not thinking about it.

Therefore, in the interest of sanity, namely mine, I am removing the links and labels. I am posting some of my "favorites" below until such a time when I will have figured out how to save them to the proper place without making them "hyper" anything.

Please let me know if we do have similar interests. I'd like to hear from you. On to the list...

Favorite Movies -

West Side Story - From the first whistle to the last street sign underneath the closing credits it is, as Bosley Crowther wrote, "A Cinema Masterpiece."

Auntie Mame - I think that most poor suckers, including me, would be starving to death without this movie.

Resurrection - A gem of a movie from 1980 starring Ellen Burstyn. This powerful story moves me deeply. It strengthens my belief in the healing power of love and God, or whatever power you believe in. I am surprised it has never been released on DVD. I am happy to lend you my bootleg copy, just ask.

Favorite Music -

Broadway; Standards; Soul; Funk; Motown; Rock; and Dance Music, particularly Morning Music. Morning Music is the umbrella title for the songs a DJ would play after 4:00 AM. It was a time to play those slower, lovelier grooves that would stretch across genre and make dancing until dawn a treat.

Favorite TV -

When I informed her that I was watching less TV, my dear friend Cynthia Burke said, "That's good. You've probably watched enough to fill five lifetimes." You hit the nail on the head, my friend. Perhaps I was making up for some of my past lives, when we did not have TV. Here are some of my favorites from this lifetime.

The Mary Tyler Moore Show - The best show with, as Ms. Moore stated, "The best cast, ever."

The Carol Burnett Show - The other best cast, ever. Carol, Harvey, Vicki, Lyle and Tim. They kept us (and themselves) laughing from the first "Let's bump up the lights." to the last "...comes the time we have to say so long." I do have an issue with that show; it really bakes my noodle. In the 11 years it was on the air, who laughed more, us or them?

NBC News Overnight - In my opinion, the best news program with yet another best cast, ever. Overnight is the only news program that deserves to be in reruns or at least, released as a DVD box set.

What's My Line? - Here's to one more "best cast, ever." John Charles Daly, Arlene Francis, Dorothy Kilgallen and Bennett Cerf. Every Sunday night for 17 and 1/2 years, they got dressed to the nines and played a parlor game. They even got paid for it. For most of my childhood, I thought that being a panelist on "Line" was the best job on Planet Earth. I see no reason to change my mind now.

The $xxx,000 Pyramid - My favorite game show. I was fortunate enough to appear on The $20,000 Pyramid in 1978. I lost, although 20 years later I managed to get a copy of my appearance on DVD. Can  I get Lois Nettleton to say the word, "Stop"?  No!

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