Sunday, May 10, 2009

What The Heck Happened Here?!

There I am on a lazy Sunday, having a tall glass of Iced Coffee and surfing the Internet. I set out to post a message on a web page about the Loew's Kings Theater, a former movie palace still standing (albeit closed since 1977) in Brooklyn, NY. Simple, yes? No! I don't like the options offered for placing my name on the post. I want to use my Internet handle, The Singing Exterminator. Maybe if I select one of those other options, I'll be able to use my handle. If not, I'll delete the post. Yeah, right! I didn't plan this and now I am looking at a page with this big button that reads, "Make My Blog!" How did I go from a simple post to an entire Blog in two mouse clicks?

Once again, God has looked upon on on me with infinite love and a twisted sense of humor and said, "Ha!

I clicked the big button. Here I go again! It's into the abyss or down the rabbit hole. Next thing I know, all these possibilities are before me. Like a soon to be parent browses the Baby Supplies aisle, I ensure that I have all the supplies I need. I click my mouse to create a profile. Another click and my favorite movies, music and books are posted. Yet another click and I've chosen a title. Just one more mouse click to go. I could select "Delete" and be done with it, but no, I go ahead and click "Save". I've given birth to a Blog and now, after the fact, I have labor pains. What I'm really asking myself is, "What am I going to post here?"

Now that I am here, I remember that I've thought about setting up a Blog for some time. I'm going to post some of my writings, mostly essays and short stories about significant events and times in my life. I imagine I'll post some of my thoughts and ideas to a place where I can read them. They'll be out of my head and hence I can move on to other things. The rest of it I will make up as I go along. This really does have possibilities!

A friend and counselor of mine says that some of the things I have lived through might be of assistance to others. Some of this might be of interest to you, on the other side of the computer screen. I welcome your comments or questions. As the wonderful Carol Burnett said, "Let's bump up the lights and see if you have anything you want to talk about."

I have to get out of here for a while. I leave you with another quote from Carol Burnett. "We have a great show for you so don't go away. We'll be right back."

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